White Lodging ASST. DIR EVENT OPERATIONS in Louisville, Kentucky

Assistant Director of Event Operations

Mission for Role: The following are essential functions for the position of Senior Banquet Manager:

1) Ability to carry out the duties of Director of Event Operations when the Director is absent

2) Responsible for overseeing the Event Services Department. The Senior Event Services Manager will report directly to the Assistant Director of Event Operations. The overall success of this department will be the responsibility of the assistant Director.

3) Review all resumes and Banquet Event Orders to ensure all functions are properly staffed and the correct amount of food, beverage, and supplies are ordered.

4) Maintain and conduct inventories as required to ensure proper inventories are kept for upcoming business levels.

5) Develop and maintain a strong relationship with clients to ensure repeat business and exceed guest satisfaction survey scores.

6) Ensure accurate and timely set-up of all functions and meetings while maintaining all JW Marriott standards in place.

7) Assist in coordinating weekly schedule when needed

8) Needs to be able to do payroll for all hourly associates in the department.

9) Able to do all ordering for food and beverage products used in the department.

10) Must be able to work a flexible schedule as business levels dictate.

11) Basic computer skills to include basic Microsoft Office, Delphi, Meeting Matrix and Outlook.

12) Ability to adapt and change how work is performed when unexpected situations are presented.

13) Attend pre-planning meetings and pre-convention meetings with clients. Build relationships with clients before they arrive through pre-planning meetings.

14) Ability to build a successful and cohesive team that can accomplish all goals set for the department.

15) Needs to properly train associates so that things can be delegated to them when business levels are extremely high.

16) Ability to plan and organize on the front end to ensure flawless execution of food functions and meetings.

17) Interacts with guests on a consistent basis to ensure we are exceeding the clients expectations.

18) Ability to turn a client around when an unpleasant situation has occurred for the client. Need the ability to really listen to the client and confirm their expectations so the meeting or event will still be a successful one.

19) Ability to control banquet beverage and food supply ordering in the department to exceed operating income margins.

20) Ability to handle stressful situations and make decisions that will alleviate the stress.

21) Help coordinate the efforts of the hotel to achieve green meeting certification.

22) Attends BEO meeting to ensure equipment and staffing levels are adequate

23) Participates in pre-shift meetings to assist with improving service standards.

24) Assists the Director with scheduled walkthroughs of the facility to identify any damage to the assets.


  1. Needs to be able to work with the team and our clients to ensure ESS score expectations are exceeded

  2. Help control liquor, food, labor and supplies to ensure operating income budgets are exceeded.

  3. Properly train and monitor staff so that service standards are met and we protect the asset so that damage to the hotel is minimized.

Necessary Competencies:

  1. Judgment/Decision Making

  2. Resourcefulness

  3. Organization/Planning

  4. Stress Managent

  5. Customer Focus

  6. Team Player

  7. Accountability

  8. Team Building

  9. Inspiring Followership

  10. Passion