Marriott 餐饮厨房 - 副厨师长 Sous Chef in Yantai, China

Job Number 180011TR

Job Category Food and Beverage & Culinary

Location Sheraton Yantai Golden Beach Resort, Yantai, China VIEW ON MAP

Brand Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Schedule Full-time

Relocation? No

Position Type Non-Management/Hourly

Start Your Journey With Us

At Sheraton, we go above and beyond in everything we do. We are inspired by our guests and one another – and are driven to make things better. We love what we do, and we give it all we’ve got – on property and off. When guests stay with us, it’s not just a room with a bed that they’re buying. It’s an experience. We’re looking for someone who is ready to go beyond in everything they do. If you are someone with a genuine drive to improve your life and the lives of those around you, we encourage you to explore careers with Sheraton.

Connect your passions with a rewarding opportunity

Others may call you a foodie, but you know you’re much more than that. You want to learn all the tricks of the trade and be the master of the kitchen. When you join us, you’ll find that there are no limits on your creativity or your potential. We inspire you to grow and challenge yourself because when you are pursuing excellence, you’re helping us to provide exceptional travel experiences.

Rewards for work, benefits for your lifestyle

You’ll be supported in and out of the workplace through:

  • Discounts on hotel rooms, gift shop items, food and beverage

  • Learning and development opportunities

  • Recognition programs

  • Wellbeing programs

  • Encouraging management

  • Team-spirited colleagues

The impact you’ll make

You hold yourself to a higher culinary standard and it is your attention to each preparation that keeps guests with us to dine. Working with a dedicated team of experts, you will learn something different every day as you work with new seasonal menus and unique presentations. You hard work pays off when a dish that you’ve thoughtfully helped to prepare has guests raving and anxious to return.

What you’ll be doing

  • Prepare fresh ingredients for cooking according to recipes/menu

  • Cook food and prepare top-quality menu items in a timely manner

  • Test foods to ensure proper preparation and temperature

  • Operate kitchen equipment safely and responsibly

  • Ensure the proper sanitation and cleanliness of surfaces and storage containers

What we’re looking for

  • Great teamwork skills and attention to detail

  • Positive outlook and outgoing personality

  • Previous kitchen experience is a big plus

This role requires the ability to move and lift up to 25 lbs. Standing, sitting or walking for extended periods of time and ensuring a professional appearance in a clean uniform are also required. Prior to employment, we’ll ask you to complete safety training and certification.

Explore our very big world

When you bring your natural talents and passion for food, we welcome you into our family. No matter your specialty or culinary background, we offer great rewards and opportunities to improve your skills. You will work closely with a team of inspired professionals who encourage and invite your contributions.



  1. 食品知识
  • 负责监督所有厨房准备食品的质量、要不断的检查食品的味道、温度及外观。保证所有出品一致,坚持已确定的每例大小。

  • 注意防治食品准备过程中使用变质原料,防治生病或有传染病的员工参与或接触食品准备。

  • 协助制定菜单及食品节。

  • 发展新菜肴和产品。

  • 确保完成杰出的特殊任务或特殊食品节。

  • 控制酒店食品出产和外观的标准。

  • 监测收货的食品质量和数量。

  • 控制厨师要按照配料卡标准及程序准备食品。

  • 及时将变质食品拿出并通知行政总厨。

  1. 标准和程序
  • 了解并熟知所有食品准备的 标准和程序

  • 保证一贯遵守所有的政策程序和标准程序。

  • 参与 制定和发展 标准和程序。

  1. 卫生
  • 同管事部协调员按照卫生标准共同管理好厨房、库房、冰箱的卫生。

  • 监督所有员工的个人卫生和仪表仪容达到标准。

  • 确保个人卫生并对于员工过失作以相应处罚。

  • 确保不使用脏污破损餐具及检查瓷器、玻璃器皿是否有裂纹并培训所有员工遵守此原则 。

  1. 控制
  • 同副厨师长共同研究如何发展食品成本和质量控制程序。

  • 保证一贯按照成本和食品质量控制程序进行。

  • 协助成本制定菜单价钱,其他食品服务也要考虑到酒店预算的盈利差。

  • 同副厨师长共同监测食品成本并及时纠正其中出现的问题。

  • 保证所有的设备正常工作如有问题马上报告。

  1. 采购和存货控制
  • 按照存货控制程序处理和储存存货。

  • 持续检查食品供应的质量确保食品质量达到喜来登标准。

  • 在行政总厨不在时厨师长要负责食品采购,同采购部经理共同以最低的价钱买到最好的食品。

  1. 维持一个安全可靠的工作环境
  • 强调保养职责,遵守工作区健康和安全法规,政策和程序.

  • 采取行动排除危险,向上级或经理报告危险隐患.。

  • 坚持酒店安全制度,紧急情况处理规定和程序。

  • 熟悉对财产安全,紧急救护和火警等处理程序。

  • 遵守酒店和公司的所有工作指南。

  1. 培训
  • 要在食品准备部门的培训中起到重要作用。

  • 上岗培训

  • 新菜单种类的培训。

  • 对于相关食品知识作课堂式培训。

  • 协助管事部经理作好卫生及健康的培训。

  • 协助制作完整的厨房员工发展计划。

  1. 员工管理和沟通
  • 同副厨师长共同制定本部门各岗位所需人员的编制计划。

  • 协助招聘员工和面谈。

  • 维护现有员工记录。

  • 控制和参与每天的正常工作。

  • 使用²喜来登人力资源管理系统”来管理员工培训和发展.。

  • 协助计划和实施入店教育。

  • 进行员工表现评估.

  • 实施员工离职面谈。监督员工表现。

  • 给予所管辖的员工以不断的建议和支持。

  • 必要时对员工进行面对面指导。

  • 实施合适的管理方式给予员工动力和沟通.。

  • 同时也要同其他餐厅及各餐厅经理共同协助有关客人意见。

  • 以职业的,肯定的方式与部门和酒店员工建立起亲密以促进团对精神和有效的双向交流。

  • 与具不同文化背景的客人和同事有效沟通。

  • 在团对内有效工作。

  1. 电脑
  • 维护电脑系统.

  • 掌握和使用文字处理软件包和电子表格文件包。

  1. 遵守喜来登行为准则.

  2. 遵守喜来登员工手册.

  3. 遵守喜来登和酒店的规章制度.

  4. 程序管理

  • 准备和维护文档,报告,信函,备忘录和其它相关业务资料.

  • 保证所有报告和服务都能按时完成.

  1. 总体
  • 同副厨师长一起编排厨房员工工作时间,同时要考虑到节约成本,他有权根据工作需要安排员工休息时间。

  • 明确、细致的分配所有员工的工作并监督其工作效率。

  • 要紧密的同管事部协调员沟通使厨房区域干净、有次序并持续保持

Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Marriott International does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws.